Just inside the new semester, at University this time, amazed at how little I know, hoping it is enough to once more complete the accepted challenge. Again, it appears that my fellow grapplers, with all they have on their plates, struggle to raise me to the heights of success.

I am confident that my writing will improve, as it must, for I know there are not enough of us shouting in the darkness. Very few see the light is not where it has been claimed to be. The decency of our species has been hidden for so long, like a pariah, an embarrassment, something to be covered, when to be honest (another problem), it stands between our survival and oblivion. If we refuse to care for each other, regardless of differences, the rest of our accomplishments are meaningless and useless. Who cares if there is an option for living elsewhere if there is no one to inhabit “elsewhere.” Totally independent life for our species evolved naturally here and nowhere else we know of, period. Ignoring or disdaining any member of our species will continue to divide us until we are no more

The violence perpetrated against our own species aids our total demise. The unabated use of quickly dissipating resources without regard will lead us to insane measures to assuage our greed. Living simply, as other species, those before us and those after us have and will validate, is the key to survival. To learn to adapt to our environment, not to attempt to control it. Greed is and will be our undoing.

The truth hurts us all. Those that do not believe, those that believe some higher power will come through, are sad at best. What reasoning exists for that? Were you that higher power, in all the universe, would you pick this tiny blue marble full of fools to cast your lot? As vast as the universe is, and growing exponentially constantly, it is impossible to imagine the smug, presumptuous thought that we are that special. An imbecilic species bent on its own destruction and the creator of it all is going to save these and only these. For your sake, let us hope so.